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"Most people spend more time planning for a two-week holiday than they do for their retirement"

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  • Many people look forward to the day they can retire with the intention of fulfilling their dreams, but after 2–12 months, the “honeymoon period” can be over.
  • They could afford to retire but didn’t plan for how they would find structure, purpose and meaning for the next 20 to 30 years.
  • What will you do for the rest of your life? How will you live a balanced and rewarding lifestyle? What will happen to your relationships with family and friends? 

Next steps to retirement success

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  • Whether you’re years or days away from retirement, or already retired, we can help.
  • Retirement coaching looks at aspects of your life beyond work that you may need to spend more time considering and planning for, ideally before you retire.
  • Aspects covered include retirement readiness; transition to retirement; work and leisure activities; health and wellness; family and relationships; and personal development.

What we do

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  • We identify your retirement expectations, and plans (if any), and compare these to what it takes to retire successfully.
  • We'll then help you look at your strengths and focus areas, and work with you to set your retirement goals and  steps to reach them.
  • Our first consultation with you is obligation free, and cost free if you decide not to proceed.

About us

René Vernon

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  • René is a former Director of Human Resources, with 39 years' experience, and a Master's degree in Human Resources.
  • He enjoys writing and walking, edits Wikipedia, and has an interest in science-related topics. He has now met more of his neighbours than at any other time of his life.

We're certified retirement coaches

  • Our services are available Australia-wide.
  • Based in Canberra, we can provide face-to-face coaching at a location that suits you, including Batemans Bay, Goulburn, Moss Vale, Queanbeyan, and Yass. 
  • We can also provide coaching via Skype, phone, or email.

Marg Sloan

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  • Marg  is a former Performance Management Coach, with 27 years' experience working with people.
  • She has travelled a lot, had some small businesses, raised a family, and likes walking.

What's in it for me?

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The new retirement

Modern medical advances mean that  retirement may be the longest period of your life. Many retirees now finish their bucket lists and then struggle to find purpose and meaning.

We've been there, done that

Retirement is a time of massive change.

We're offering you our insights about the retirement experience so that your lifestyle in retirement, and your relationships with people who are important to you, can be optimised.

How does retirement coaching work?

  • Introduction. We first meet with you to review your employment and life background; current situation and intentions; and interest in retirement coaching. We outline the assessment process, discuss our rates, and answer any of your questions. This part of our service is obligation-free, and cost-free if you decide not to proceed. 
  • Questionnaire. If you subsequently go ahead, we will email you an online questionnaire for your completion. The content of the questionnaire has been scientifically designed and validated.
  • Results. After you submit your answers the results are emailed back to you, and copied to us for analysis, associated research, and briefing preparation. 
  • Guidebook. We will send you an accompanying e-book, either The New Retirement or What Colour is my Retirement?
  • Discussion. We then meet with you again to discuss the results of your questionnaire and our analysis and findings; suggest some actions for you to consider; and provide you with a paper-based copy of your e-book.
  • Follow-up. We will email you with a short summary of the discussion.
  • Review. Retirement coaching will usually prompt you to reflect on your situation, so the last part of the process is to meet with you some weeks later to review your results, answer any further questions you may have, and agree a way ahead.

When should I consider retirement coaching?

We recommend seeking retirement coaching at any time from 48 onwards. This is a rule of thumb based on an average retirement age in Australia of nearly 63 for recent retirees.

An early start will give you plenty of time to prepare for the changes that retirement will bring.

After you retire you may like to review your situation at 1 to 5 year intervals.

Retirement is so far off for me that I don't see the point

Getting people to think about their future selves can be like getting them to think about a stranger.

Yet most people get the need to prepare financially for retirement. And the need for retirement coaching and a complementary plan for the non-financial aspects of retirement is just as important, if not more so.

48+ can be a good time to start thinking about, preparing for, and imagining what could be the longest part of your life. Just like financial planning, the farther out you start the greater will be your dividend and the fewer the surprises.

One to three hours of retirement coaching every 5 years will work for most people. 

How ever far or near you are to retirement, whether years, months, weeks or days, or if you’re already retired, retirement coaching can help you to better harvest or manage the rewards and quality of your retirement.

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